Another fun walk in the park!

This is called Antrim Park, and it has a 1/2 mile walking trail all along the lake! It is beautiful. A random Asian man stopped to admire Harry but told me it was too hot for him and said I should turn around, and he waited for me to turn around! I assured him that Harry was O.K. and we were on our way. Kinda funny. Harry was a very hungry boy by the end of walk! :(

DSC02078  DSC02075


Highlights from Kirtland

We took a short day trip on Labor day up to Kirtland, yay! It was amazing-the church has done an wonderful job with the renovations., it was beautiful there.
Top to bottom: The School of the Prophets room-WOW. The Newel K. Whitney store. Me and Harry. Dave and Harry in front of the Kirtland temple-we didn't go inside this time, but plan to on our next trip. Me and Dave having fun. The working replica of the sawmill. Here is Harry, ready to go! I really love this picture, it makes me laugh every time I see it.

DSC02007 DSC02012 DSC02016 DSC02022 DSC02039 DSC02042 DSC02051

Bathtime! (Couldn't resist!)

  Sorry Harry, it's time for future embarrassing bath photos! We have a lot of fun giving Harry a bath, and he really enjoys it too!! Notice we are doing it in our "kitchen" sink. We are staying in a week-by-week place and the bathroom sink is about the size of a gallon of milk. Way small! Harry did not like a bath in that tiny little basin! He enjoyed the kitchen sink much more. Little cutie!!!!

DSC01991 DSC01994

We're official!


We got our car registered and got our drivers licenses here in Ohio! We have to do a double take on our car now, but we'll get used to it soon.

A Trip to CR-109

Yes, that's County Road 109! Dave had a great day of paintball at a new field near Mt. Gilead, Ohio! He had a lot of fun, and it was good to meet a few people that knew about other fields and such. It was his first time playing here in Ohio, and this new place is about 45 minutes from home. I wish that I could have gone too, but Harry and I had a fun time exploring around the area. It was so beautiful there!! The homes, barns and landscape was so picturesque-the yards were all so nicely kept, and the farmland was green and expansive. It was the kind of road that you would put in a movie! After a long, hot day, Harry was not feeling very good and finally went to sleep in his swing.

DSCN2317 DSCN2326

DSCN2329 DSCN2331


A New Adventure!

Today we found an AWESOME place for our morning walks! It's called Inniswoods Metro Park. Columbus has a whole system of metro parks that from what I have seen are super nice, safe, and peaceful! This park is a lot like Red Butte Gardens, but it is free and it is probably bigger. It has so many beautiful flowers, ferns, trees, and a very fragrant herb garden. It was so much fun! We walked around until I got super hot and sweaty (even though the humidity was only about 50%, it felt SO muggy!) If any of you ever come here, I will take you to this park! The picture of Harry is my view of him in his Snugli. He loves being in his "pouch!"

DSCN2284 DSCN2285

DSCN2290 DSCN2293



IMG_7778Here is a picture of my pregnant belly and also a picture of Harry. The reason I am putting this on is because I know some of you wanted to see me pregnant, and I never sent you pictures! I saw a picture of Susan Whitchurch at 19 weeks on her blog and it reminded me to do this. This picture is just before we went to the hospital! (41 weeks).






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