Harry Montage

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IMG_8031 DSC02507 DSC02532 DSC02530 DSC02518 DSC02521 I don't have much else to blog about right now, so the default is to post pics of Harry!!  I could put up pictures everyday, I love digital!  I would be spending a lot of money on film if we weren't in the digital era.  You can see that Harry loves to watch college football and read books with dad.  So much fun!  I like reading to Harry, even though he might not understand it all now ;)  I also have an update on our house-we are closing on Tuesday!!!!  4:00pm!!!!  We can't wait.  We'll probably move our apartment stuff in that night, and then we'll move the big trailer on next Saturday.  Yipee!  I want you all to come over and see us.

Autumn Leaves

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We took a walk through Inniswood Metropark today, and it was amazingly beautiful!  The colors were just right.....wow.  Autumn is such a wonderful time of year; I felt so invigorated.  The picture on the bottom is of me in front of mums called "Warm Megan" -and can you believe my shirt was so close in color?  We couldn't pass up that photo op. 

IMG_8099 IMG_8107  IMG_8107a

OK, here is something REALLY cool!  We were walking along, and I said, hey there's a white squirrel! (Can you see it in the first picture?)  So Dave ran over, and actually got some pictures of it.  We had never seen anything like that.  It must have been an albino, does anyone here know about a white squirrel species?  It was a lot of fun to see it.  The squirrel looks especially weird with it's little eye reflecting the flash. 

Harry's New Shoes

Harry got a package today from his Aunt Heidi!  It contained a snuggly snow suit and shoes.  There is just something about baby shoes, they all seem to be so CUTE!  I think his tennis shoes look great.  Thanks, sis!  Also, Harry turned 3 months old on the 17th.  To celebrate we gave him a lick off of a goldfish cracker.  Yum!


DSC02490 DSC02494

Doesn't he look like such a "big boy?"  We love him so much!!!

Open House

  Yesterday was the open house for our home and for two other "Home Again" homes on our street.  We FINALLY got to see the completed interior and it looks great!!  It was really neat-and the house seems so big.  The paint colors turned out really nice, and the wood floor looks amazing.  I just can't believe it's our home-sort of overwhelming, but way fun.  We're so excited to see our family grow there!  Enjoy these pics

DSC02466DSC02467 DSC02468

Excited to go in!                   The kitchen                                     We think the cabinets are great!

DSC02469 DSC02470

A view from the kitchen to dining and family room.                                 Master bdrm closet

That's the back of our Realtor, Stratton.  He is awesome!!!

DSC02471 DSC02472

Master bdrm window, very big.  There are no south-facing windows in the house.  Mom got to come, too!DSC02473 DSC02474

Master bdrm fan                                  Dave and Harry


This is interesting, and shows how old the original house was!  This is a spot in the basement for 2 large washtubs and in the middle there's a space for the washboard.  Crazy!  I don't think I'll be doing my wash here, luckily :)  We don't know exactly when the original home was built because the courthouse burned down in 1920-so that's what many records in Franklinton say, but many homes are older than that.  We need to research it.             

DSC02476 DSC02477

The basement-lots of storage!!        View from the living room into the kitchen

DSC02479 DSC02481 DSC02482

We like the railing       One of the upstairs bathrooms                 The garage from above

Saginaw, MI

This week is Dave's fall break, so we decided to take a little vacation!  We took off after conference on Sunday and arrived in Saginaw around midnight.  It was so fun to see Adam and Meghan!  On Monday we went to a town called Frankenmuth, which is a place that until 20 years ago only let German Lutherans live there! 


It is a quaint little place, with a main street that is slightly more touristy now, and has lot of fun candy, cheese (we tried chocolate cheese!), clothing, and other shops to enjoy.  There are flowers all over the place, and it is very clean.  They even had a huge gnome made out of hay!  We had a nice picnic lunch here and enjoyed the beautiful weather.



After walking around there, we went to the biggest Christmas store in the WORLD!!  It's called Bronner's and it was seriously large.  They had any kind of Christmas thing you could possibly think of!  We actually thought we had seen the whole place, but it turns out we missed an entire half of the store.  If you go to Frankenmuth, you should definitely go to this store, because it is amazing. 

  DSC02424 DSC02423

You could buy a singing deer for about $700, complete with ornaments.

  DSC02429 DSC02430 DSC02431

Instrument ornaments                  Pigs in tutus                              Greg Olsen...yes even in Frankenmuth!

DSC02427 At first Harry was entranced by all the bright colors, but then he zonked out.

Then we went to see Apple Mountain, which is Saginaw's ski resort.  There is only one hill, which was man made out of a trash dump.  People say it's really hard to ski on because it's steep and gets really really icy from tons of people skiing on it!  The pavilion behind us is where Adam and Meghan had their wedding dinner.  It was very pretty!

DSC02439 DSC02438DSC02437 

Here's daddy giving Harry his first shoulder ride!

The next day we played on a Wii, which was a first for both Dave and me.  Talk about FUN!!!  Right before we took off to come home, we had lunch at the popular local greasy spoon, Tony's.  They are famous for their steak sandwiches, and they were awesome!  Thanks so much, Meghan and Adam for such a great trip.  It was so nice to get out of our little teeny tiny hotel room ;)


True Blue AND OSU?



We'll always bleed blue, but hey, now we have another team to cheer for!  We thought Harry looked so great in his new OSU beanie.  GO BUCKEYES!!!

Sweet dreams!


Isn't Harry totally adorable in this picture?  He was fast asleep, just smiling away!  He must have been having such a good dream. 

DSC02300 DSC02303

Here are some pictures of roses from the Columbus Park of Roses.  It was an amazing garden with about 4 acres of just all kinds of rose bushes.  It gave me some good ideas for what kind of rose I will plant in our garden, if I do decide to plant a rose bush.  It was neat to see sooo many beautiful varieties.  Harry was fussing almost the whole time so I had a hard time "stopping to smell the roses" but I'm sure we'll go back many a time.  It reminded me of my Grandma Forsberg, who passed away 7 years ago.  At their old house, grandma and grandpa had an amazing rose garden in front, and grandpa would always cut fresh roses every day for the kitchen table.  I want to do a big rose garden like that someday to make me think of Grandma.    

DSC02324 DSC02326

DSC02323 DSC02322

These are just random cute pictures of Harry.  You can kind of tell in one, but he has learned a new trick of sucking on his hand!  It's not the best trick he's learned, and we try to stop him, but he just loves it!  Sometimes we'll pull his hand away, but then POP back in it goes.  He is the best little guy a mom could ask for!

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