Christmas Entry #2 (The people who make us who we are)

Being with family is the best part of Christmas.  We were able to spend time with all of our family, including each of our grandparents. 

IMG_0882  christmas 046 christmas 050

Here's a picture of my Grandma making super yummy food!  We had dinner twice at her house and boy, was it good!  She always has the table set so pretty, too.  She makes the best German food around (makes sense since she IS German!).  I love her homemade rolls, red cabbage, salad, schnitzel, vegetables, creamed cauliflower, turkey...oh and it's kind of tradition to have vanilla pudding that has set in small molds, and then drizzled with fresh raspberry sauce for dessert.  She always makes the best meals!  We got to listen to some of her old records, because she just got a new record player that also has a CD player in it.  It was neat to hear some of the Christmas songs that she grew up with from the original records!  She LOVES Harry, and wanted to make sure he was always bundled up and very warm.  She totally spoiled him, and he is very happy for it! (Warm too!)  Oh, the Muhlestein's gave Harry the shirt he is wearing-it says "German in training" Dad and Grandma thought that was really funny. 


  IMG_0801  DSC03028IMG_0793

My Grandpa Forsberg turned 90 years old on December 27th, and we had a BIG family party on the 29th for him.  90 years!!!!  Amazing!  He is doing quite well.  He has a pretty hard time hearing, and has lost the sight in one eye because of a hemmorage he had in a recent eye surgery.  Other than that, he is great!  He said he hopes that if we live to 90 we can feel as good as he does.  Almost all of his children were able to be there-5 of the 6 children and many many grandchildren and great grandchildren.  It was fun to see some of my cousins that I haven't seen in years.  My grandpa told us some good stories about his youth when his dad was a mission president in Sweden.  One missionary needed a companion because his companion had left, so my grandpa age 15 was the companion.  He remembers riding his bike all over the place during this time.  Then it so happens that this companion ended up moving in down the street from my grandma and grandpa's house they lived in for ....let's see...probably 50 years or so.  Mom, correct me if I'm wrong.  My cousin Ryan created a DVD of pictures from grandpa's childhood to the present.  WOW!  It really hit me, and I got a really interesting feeling that sometimes we "young" folk think that we are doing something different-but really a lot of what we do is just the same that our parents, grands and greats did.  I think our own idea of "family" is built into our DNA...what we do, our parents or grandparents probably did in one era of their life, and it's kind of neat to make that discovery!  One of the neatest parts of the video was the background music was my grandma singing (my mom's cousin Merry had recently converted the tape recordings from the early 80's to CD).  Yes, I cried.


DSC03074  DSC03075

We took a trip down to Monticello to see Grandma Muhlestein!  Joseph came with us too, despite having a cold.  She seemed to be doing really well, and as always had a wonderful meal prepared for us upon arrival!  I love her homemade food.  MMMmmm, her canned peaches are so yummy.  She now has a new greenhouse built on the front of her house and it is really neat!  We found out that her home was a CCC barrack and was actually moved from it's original location.  They built on to it, but that was the original structure!  How interesting!  She loved holding Harry, and just said how good it felt to hold him.  It was nice to get some updates on the cousins and family on that side.  I always enjoy hearing stories of her past and the history of Monticello, and yet again I was very fulfilled!  We also got to see Uncle Jim and Aunt Cynthia.  Boy, he always has a good tale to tell!       


So there you go, a very long blog post about Harry's greats.  He may not remember them in the future, but I want to try my best to help him to know the heritage he came from. 

Christmas Entry #1

Hello all!  We had such a WONDERFUL Christmas break!  It was so great to spend time with family.  Everyone loved Harry, and it was fun for us to show the little cutie off!  We had so much fun over the break that there's no way I could get it into one blog ; hence this entry #1.

 DSC02962  DSC02964

We went to both my parents' branch and David's parents' ward on the 23rd.  George gave this "box of love" to Harry and he loved the bow SOOO much.  He would play with this thing for hours.  He seriously thought it was the best....krinkly, easy to hold on to, great to lick.  Thanks, George! 

Probably the best part of the break was just relaxing and spending time with family.  Eating together, just hanging out, watching was wonderful.  DSC03036

Harry thought this was a great toy until it fell on the floor and made the loudest bang he'd ever heard!


Harry sucking on a new toy which he loved.  On the trip he learned that everything he holds should be tested by his mouth.  He's getting very curious!

We were there two weeks, and Harry learned some new things even while we were there!  He learned to reach for things that were placed in front of him!  He learned to "blow bubbles" blow his lips together and make noise.  So cute!  My parents agreed that he even grew a little taller while we were there.  Harry had a great time with both families.  When he was awake it seemed he was always being held, especially at the Muhlestein house with so many aunts and uncles around!!  My parents bought him a pack n play that had a rainforest animals theme, it was SO much fun for Harry!  It had a mobile with nature sounds or fun music and he loved that, and it even helped him get to sleep sometimes!  It was so nice that we didn't have to take ours all the way out to Utah, thanks so much mom and dad!!!  Over the break, we were surrounded by sickness, but believe it or not, Harry and I didn't get sick at all!  Not once!!  David's family had a bad, bad, bad stomach flu going around which David did catch which resulted in a long, long, long night.  It was really a blessing that Harry or I didn't get it!  My parents had colds, along with Joseph.  We are all feeling a little under the weather now, which may be that cold, but at least we didn't get sick on the vacation! 

Well, that's all for now, but there will definitely be more to come!                                                                                                                                          

Smart Cookie

Megan was gone and it was just the boys at home.  Harry got hungry, so I pulled out a new toy - a cup.  Sure, a cup isn't all that exciting, but Harry had never been expected to drink out of one before.  I filled his cup up with warm milk, positioned his hands on the handles, and he knew just what to do.  He was able to drink all he wanted to and he was really good at controlling the cup - pretty good motor skills for a five month old.

DSC02878     DSC02877


My life is soon to get less busy.  I took my second to last final today (Criminal Law) and then I have one more on Thursday (Civil Procedure).  Law School has been good so far - not too stressful but always interesting.  Actually, I've had less home work during Law School than I've had since High School.  Maybe I'm not studying enough, but since we only get one test at the end of the semester, I really won't know how I'm doing until grades come out at the end of January.

Poor little Harry

  Well I did it.  I did something that probably every mom does sometime in their motherhood.  While clipping Harry's fingernails, I clipped his fingers.  Yes that's right not just one, but two!  After the second one I felt SO bad that I didn't finish the last 3 nails.  I think it was the design of the new clippers I was using (He wasn't even wiggling).  Harry was so sad, and he was bleeding too.  But, I rocked him, fed him, and gave him lots of kisses and it was all better.  I felt so bad, but he seems to have recovered well.  :)  What a good boy.  Now he's just happy as a clam chewin' on his bunny ears!



Last night I went to a "goodie exchange" with some gals in my ward and it was a blast!!  Dave and Harry got to hang out for a while while I was there.  Everyone brought a treat to share, and then some to exchange in the white elephant exchange.  I had been baking up a storm trying to find a great treat to take!  First I tried cocoa sweet rolls (pretty good, but not what I expected from the recipe), then I thought, what about ableskivers?  So I tried a batch, attempting to put jam or cream cheese in the middle, which didn't quite work right, but I did end up making another huge batch of normal ableskivers and coated some with cinnamon and sugar and some with powdered sugar.  They were a hit!  Most people just called them doughnuts, which is okay, because that's pretty much what they tasted like.  The ableskiver pan makes them so easy to make (thank you Jordan and Crystal!).  There were sooo many yummy things to eat there, wow.  Lots of talented cooks!  It was quite the spread- mint fudge, mini strawberry cheesecakes, decorated sugar cookies, key lime pie, no-bake cookies, fruit tray, veggie tray, chocolate satin mint cake, peppermint cookie sandwiches, my was yummy and impressive too!  Then we had the "white elephant" part and I was so lucky and I got probably the best treat there-CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!!  (AND RASBERRIES!!)  (In the middle of DECEMBER-and they were nice and red inside too!)  It also came in a cute Christmas bucket.  I definitely scored.  Dave was happy to see what I brought home, too!

DSC02892     DSC02891

My lovely goodies

DSC02898     DSC02895

This is what an ableskiver pan looks like-it's cast iron.  Crystal introduced us to these yummy creations whilst we were all unmarried but dating out future husbands, then they gave us this pan for our wedding.DSC02863     DSC02865

Here's our sweet boy....It's hard for me to do a blog without pictures of Harry :)  You can see his hair growing out a little bit.  Look for an upcoming blog from Dave about something he learned while I was at the party.


Harry and Daddy just hanging out.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

 DSC02825 DSC02826

 DSC02827 DSC02828

On Wednesday morning, we woke up to a winter wonderland!  I was so excited-I had been slightly jealous of the first big snow that all the Utah folks had talked about.  Now it seems so much more like Christmas!  These pictures were taken when Harry woke up to eat, about 6:15 in the morning.  I didn't quite catch it before a couple cars came down the street, but there were only a couple car tracks (this is the view from our bedroom window).  So pretty.  By the way, it is great that Harry always goes back to sleep after his early morning feeding-he'll usually go back to sleep until 8:00 or so.  Perfect.


We finally got a crib!!  It only took me a couple hours to set it all up!  I LOVE IT!  I ordered it online, because we don't have a car big enough to fit a crib box in.  I read a ton of reviews and choose this one, the Storkcraft Lennox Stages Crib.  I think it is great, and ya, it was easy to set up.  The color is perfect too-and matches the dresser we got perfectly!

DSC02832  DSC02842   DSC02822

I like this crib a lot.  Thank you so much, Grandma and Grandpa Muhlestein!!! (At my baby shower, I got crib sheets and said they would get us a crib once we moved to Ohio.)  Then there's the dresser.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Mueller!!!  Where would we be without grandparents.  We are so blessed.  In true lighting, the dresser and crib match like they came from the same set.  Oh, thanks also to Dayna Goates, a friend I used to work with for the hand me down crib bumper and skirt.

  DSC02834  DSC02836

Here's the little bug trying out his new bed!  He really likes it!


    During morning nap.  When he woke up this morning, I came in the room and he was gazing at the crab in the corner.  First he tried to grab it with one hand, then with two.  It was so cute, he is so smart.  I love coming in his room in the morning.  I come in quietly, and wait for him to look at me.  Sometimes it takes him a minute to notice me, and when he looks over and sees me there he'll get a beaming smile on his face!  This is a great part of being a mom.  He of course does the same huge smile when dad comes in to pick him up :)



This is our garage.  I post this because every time we go out to the car to take Dave to school in the morning, we think how grateful we are to not have to scrape snow and frost off of the car!!!!!!!!  It is AWESOME!  I wish everyone in the world could have a garage, but especially after not having one, it makes you all the more grateful for it.   


Me and our snuggle bug.  I'll be so sad when the snuggle stage is over, I LOVE it.

Last night we had a big party at our house!!  Dave made pizza and yet again it was SO yummy-a huge hit with all our friends.  We had about 8 couples over and a handful of kids.  It made us so happy to be able to host and enjoy wonderful company.  We have met some great friends out here already, and some we have known for a longer time (from Utah and from Dave's mission etc.  They are in medical school, dental school etc... here at OSU).  I'm grateful for friends and for our home that has a spirit of love in it.  We had a rousing game of Encore, probably our favorite game ever. 

Pure Joy!


DSC02771 DSC02774

Harry fell asleep with the bunny ear right in his mouth!  He likes this bunny a lot because it has a "crinkly" material in the ears the makes noise when he eats it.  What a cutie. 


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