Who does Harry look like?

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I didn't really search too long for these pics, and they are the youngest ones I could find of David.  I still can't decide who Harry looks like!  I think Dave and I look so similar that it's hard to tell.  What do you think?

Updates on Harry


Look at those blue eyes!  Looks like a Mueller to me!


Harry really likes bath time!

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Harry can sort of sit, up, but not for long!  Dave made this little fort for him, and Harry loved it!  We'd put a pillow on the front part, and he would kick it down and giggle really loud.  It was so cute!  He loved his little fort.

On a side note, my mom's hard drive just suddenly died-they tried to recover anything they could, but it was only 6%....and not really important stuff.  It was pretty much a total loss.  Luckily she had most things backed up, but still a lot was lost.  It was a good reminder to me to BACKUP all pictures, files....anything important.  If you need help just call us, and we'll tell you how to do it!

The Ten Commandments

Our Sacrament Meeting on Sunday was focused on the scouting program, I think in an effort to get members of the ward involved in helping out the scouts.  It was a nice meeting!  I liked one story, because it made me act.  Mike Little (just a few years older than Dave and I, 3 kids) was telling a story of when he was sitting in the cafeteria on OSU campus, and a random man came up to him.  The man offered to buy him lunch if he could answer some questions for him.  Mike said he was poor and would've loved free lunch (who wouldn't!), so he said yes.  The man said-write all ten commandments within 5 minutes.  The point of Mike's story was that he was thankful for good leaders and teachers when he was growing up.  In early morning seminary he had learned a clever way to remember the ten commandments, in order, and so within one minute he had written them all down.  The man was amazed and said that he was the only one that was able to do it that day, and the only one to ever do it in order (The man did this little quiz often, I guess).  This made me think, could I do that?  I gave myself a good review of the ten commandments!  Although I may not have been able to complete this man's assignment...well, maybe within 5 minutes I could have, but not in order! I too am grateful for leaders that helped me as I grew up and learned things not only within church doctrine, but for life in general.  After the meeting, Dave immediately offered to help out the scouts, which I thought was awesome!  He'll probably take them paintballing ;) 


Harry sure knows how to say "it's cold!"  He he....

Actually, it has been very chilly here.  It snowed yesterday and now it's just icy all over the place.  Life is good....we're all getting better from our colds and I've been able to catch up on the housework a little bit!

Happy Boy!

Piano Man

I really like to play the piano and sing for Harry.  I do it everyday.  He especially loves it when I leave the key lights on (on our digital keyboard has a setting where the keys light up either orange or red).  Sometimes I'll just lay Harry on the floor and he'll roll around while I play...sometimes I'll put him in his highchair.  I also love just sitting him on my lap and letting him sing and play himself!  It was just a couple weeks ago that he was able to hit the keys hard enough to make a sound.  It was just one average night that I sat him down to play, and he started to press the keys-then it was almost like he started singing too!  Dave ran to get the camera and we were able to record it.  It was such a fun show for Dave and I.  I know a lot of you won't really care about this video-it's a bit long, but I'm sure the grandparents and other family will probably enjoy it.  We thought it was adorable!

A couple days ago I was playing and singing on the piano for Harry.  He was having a great time, but I could tell he was getting sleepy.  I played a little bit more, looked over, and he was TOTALLY asleep!  It's so funny how kids will just fall asleep almost anywhere if they're really tired.  Keep in mind I wasn't even playing a calming song-it was really upbeat!  I'm going to remember this if Harry is having a hard time falling asleep-just put him in his chair and play for him!



So tuckered out!

Quirky things about me

OK, I've been tagged twice for this.  Here goes:

1.  Confession:  I had to do a little research on what it meant to be "tagged."  I know, it seems so simple, but I was confused!

2.  I definitely prefer stocking feet to bare feet.  Without socks, I rub my feet together in bed and it just feels so weird and drives me nuts.  Although, on really hot summer days I'm just too hot to wear socks to bed.

3.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh fruit.  It's so yummy!  Granted I was pregnant, but on our cruise I probably ate 3 whole watermelons; I'm not exaggerating!  Who WOULDN'T eat that much watermelon when it's just there for the taking!?  Occasionally, the only thing better than fresh fruit is fresh fruit on vanilla ice cream.  YUM!

4.  When I pull out the TP, I count the squares.  Every time.  Now that's weird, I know.

5.  My current exercise routine is just goofy.  I do sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, front kicks, side kicks, running in place, dancing with Harry, dancing any way at all.  I pretty much do anything that will get my heart rate up.  I always make sure to close the blinds so that the neighbors won't think I'm totally nuts!  Good thing Harry just has fun with whatever!

6.  Not a lot of things get me mad, but here's something that will get me totally riled up:  feminists.  Seriously!  Even just writing about it makes my blood pressure rise.  It's hard to explain, but I just can't stand feminism.  I'm not sure you even want to ask me about this one.

7.  Any kind of scratch or ding on my car drives me crazy.  Dave considers a car a "tool" that you use for whatever purpose it can serve.  I think of it a little differently.  One of my pet peeves is when someone leaves even a tiny ding in the door or whatever and doesn't even leave a note.  Unfortunately, with so many miles, our little civic has seen better days- so I've become a lot more relaxed about this.  I still try to take very good care of the car, but after so many little scratches, it's hard.

8.  I'm totally a breakfast person.  I LOVE cereal.  I seriously think I could eat it for every meal-but not really the sugary kinds.  I love frosted shredded wheat, honey nut cheerios, cheerios, and corn flakes.

9.  I like my beauty rest.  Getting enough sleep is the greatest thing ever.  Luckily Harry is a pretty good sleeper!

10.  I used to never cry- now I'll cry over many things.  Sometimes I'll cry during commercials, or at times when some people wouldn't think to cry....I cry when I see others cry, especially my family!  I think it's a wonderful release to cry.  I think that I definitely cry more over joyous things than sad things.


So there's a list that is for sure incomplete, as Dave will attest to.  It was kind of hard for me to think of quirky things!  I know you've all been wondering what my quirks were....now you know, and can sleep more soundly.  Is there a rule that you have to pass this on?  If so, I tag Crystal, Peggy, Maren and Ruth.

**Amendment:  Dave reminded me of another quirk I have.  I am picky about my water!  Some people way water has no taste-I beg to differ!!!!  I don't sip water, I just gulp it down-because most of the time I think water tastes gross.  But, I don't skimp on the water, I really try to drink a lot because it's so good for your health.  Oh, another thing about water is that I don't drink during a meal.  Only a glass afterwards, if any at all.

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