Disneyworld and Universal Studios

We went to Florida a few months ago, and I thought it blogworthy.  So, here are some pictures!

DSC04180 DSC04183DSC04171

We stopped in Savannah, GA on the way and it was beautiful!  It was already pretty humid and toasty and it was only December.  Very pretty town.



The boys had a love/hate relationship with splash mountain!  They were scared sometimes and the next ride, they loved it.  Nice thing was, we went on it multiple times because there were NO LINES. 


This is on the railroad, do you see that there are NO LINES????



Wyatt had a little meltdown until he got some food.  He was so upset we practically had to hold him down to take a bite of a cookie.  After some food, he was a different boy!




Look closely – Wyatt says the sign states “NO DANCING.”  We laughed so hard!  As a side note, the boys were tall enough for every single ride, with the exception of Space Mountain, which Wyatt didn’t quite make the cutoff.  Harry was able to go on it by the fluff of his hair!  He loved it.




The animal show was really neat! 

 DSC04525 DSC04526

These were the only characters that the boys met (at Disneyworld or Universal).  It was pretty much because they were just hanging around waiting for anyone to come greet them.  Again: NO LINES!!!!!  They do actually like Dora and Diego so it was appropriate. 


During the parade, so many participants gave the boys high five!


This was their favorite ride.


There were a couple of rides the boys couldn’t go on at Universal and the one in this picture was one of them.  It was extreme fun!  On the first part, you are going completely vertical and then it just goes crazy.  You can choose the music you listen to during the ride.  Did I mention there was NO LINE!!!!  David and I traded off and we went straight to the front. 


We also took a day to relax in between Disney and Universal, and we went to Cocoa Beach!  Super fun….it’s just so relaxing to play and rest on the beach.  The water was just a bit chilly, so we played in the sand a lot.  Wyatt would have played in the water.


The trip was amazing.  I will never go to the theme parks in the busy season, because the second week of December was just way too good!  There is a reason people retire to Florida because the weather in December was incredible.