Our trip was amazing.  We laughed and talked and talked and rested and ate and celebrated.  I feel completely myself around the Ellsworths and our boys play so well together.  We had passed through there on our Canada road trip, but this time we saw much more.  It is a neat city!  There is just nothing in the world like great friends.  They were expensive friends because David had to go to his first year of medical school to meet them! Smile  I’m still convinced they are the reason that David went to that year of medical school. 



The market was amazing!!  It was super busy, and the it was a little nuts with all the kids, but still really neat.  We bought a lot of produce that was snacked on over the course of the weekend.


“Garbage Plate” from a certain restaurant I can’t remember, but it’s Rochester’s specialty. 


Sums up most of the weekend









Wyatt dug up this Barbie!  Wonder how long she’s been down there…



These are from Lake Ontario.  The weather was PERFECT.  It was like a little slice of heaven. 


This is really fun.  Jonathan and I both took from Dr. Holden at BYU (he’s now at Eastman) and they are in the same ward as the Ellsworths!  So so great to see them and catch up.  Gillian was also a BYU music school graduate in Violin.  Talk about some awesome music genes! They invited our whole crew over for pancake breakfast on Labor Day!!


The boys, minus one.



Showin some love at High Falls




Ice cream from Abbots!  MMmmmmm…..

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How do you pack this much into one weekend? Looks like fun!

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Haha!! He dug up a barbie?!

Haha!! He dug up a barbie?! That is hilarious:) What a surprise that would be! Looks like great friends and good times...