Wow….cliché to say time flies?  WELL IT DOES!!!  We have been looking forward to this day with excitement for a while now.  Today has seemed pretty laid back, but I think I’m still in denial that he’ll be gone for 6.5 hours M-F.  What a change.  He is thrilled to be in school, and he is going to do so well I just know it.  I hope he makes friends, becomes a leader and stands for what is right.  DSC02837






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Aw, he looks SUPER happy.

Aw, he looks SUPER happy. (and grownup!) Congrats to the both of you:)

Wow! All day Kindergarten!

Wow! All day Kindergarten! I'm sure you are all tired by the end of the day. How is Wyatt doing? We're experiencing the transition to all day school right now too. Good luck to you all! I'm sure he's going to do great! He's such a SUPER smart kid! Every time my girls have to give a talk they mention Harry and how good he is at doing talks. :)


He's sooooo cute! I think 5 year olds are getting younger these days :)

What a grown up boy! We are

What a grown up boy! We are so happy for Harry.

What a grown boy. Hopefully

What a grown boy. Hopefully he love studies. My son hate it hence I'd to hire a Reading Tutor to make him study.

Wow. Kindergarten? How did

Wow. Kindergarten? How did that happen? I can't really believe it.
AND, he is so cute! :)