Harry and Wyatt have created a hole that they continuously fill and dig.  I was cleaning up the kitchen and Wyatt decided that it might be fun to fill it with water.  AND IT WAS!  I love that Wyatt enjoys being outside so much.  Most of the time if he hasn’t been outside by 10am he’ll come up to me and declare “we haven’t been outside yet!”  He will play out there by himself for quite a while.  Sweet boy. 






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It may look so messy but that

It may look so messy but that way he is enjoying it and could learn at the dame time. - Green Water Technologies

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We LOVE outside! Outside was

We LOVE outside! Outside was made for kids. I think my best memories of being little are from outside... I remember very little from playing in my house.

That's my favorite thing about living in St. George. We can play outside for most of the year. You're so good to let them dig a hole in the grass. I'm glad to be out of a rental so I don't have to worry about where my kids are digging as much.

Boys and dirt.... they go

Boys and dirt.... they go hand-in-hand. :) Ty's favorite thing to do right now is play with his tractors in the dirt. Might be because we have "real" tractors working across the street from us. :) You're a GOOD mom to let him turn the dirt to MUD... better than me. :)