Franklin Park Conservatory



Snake-like cactus.


Totally love the bumpy cactus.


“Desert” section.


Okay, butterfly pictures out of the way.  They were everywhere, but so hard to get a picture of!  There are supposedly 100 different types there.  They do a “butterfly release” at 1pm, but we definitely weren’t going to last that long.  I can only imagine how enchanting that would be!  In the last picture is a resting blue morpho but it is just so hard to see with its wings closed.


This second picture is so great!  I caught Wyatt just as he was running, terrified, from the big blue butterflies ( I believe they’re called a blue morpho).  He was really scared of them, and they seemed to be the friendliest – they would fly very close to you.  Every time they got close to Wyatt he just ran to me crying, poor little guy.  I’d say they were about 5 inches across, so to Wyatt they were huge!



I like Harry’s face in this because it really shows how he looked the whole time we were in the butterfly exhibit.  Amazement!


I had Harry take a picture of me to prove I went.  I don’t know who else would take Harry and Wyatt, but hey, I want to have proof I was there.


They had a really amazing glass blowing demonstration too!  We had a great front row view, and it actually held the boys’ attention almost the whole time.  There are Chihuly sculptures all over the conservatory and I believe that is why they have the glass blowing.  It was so beautiful!  He said at 2200 degrees the glass is like honey, at 1000 it’s hard as rock.

Why haven’t we ever been here before now?  Loved it!  Oh, the reason we went is the boys got coupons for free admission through summer reading club (love the library!).