Jacksonville and St. Augustine


This was near Fort George Inlet….I think.  It was a really small road with some kind of historical significance, ugh I wish I could remember.  Oh well! It was a turnout that we took on a chance and it was amazing.  There were residences on this road too.  It was a beautiful introduction to Florida!


Treaty Oak!!!

From Wikipedia: The tree has a trunk over 25 feet in circumference, it rises to height of 70 feet, and its crown spreads over 145 feet, with twisting branches that bow to the ground and curl back up. The oak shades a roughly circular area, about 190 feet in diameter. 

It is estimated to be over 250 years old.  This tree was seriously amazing, so beautiful and grand at the same time.  I could only imagine the root system on it. 



David of course carried the boys up!  Anyone who knows David knows that if there is a tree he will climb it.  Especially with flip-flops on.  Harry was super scared (very typical Harry) and Wyatt had fun and was very curious (typical Wyatt).  Seriously this is the neatest tree I have ever seen, even compared to the giant redwoods.  (Sorry all you California fans).  Okay, okay, they are both awesome.


The beach at St. Augustine!  We didn’t plan or make time to see any of the historical parts of the town, but it was our first beach stop and it was a blast!  I’m all about places where you can tell your kids more “yes yes yes” rather than “no no no”.  Our boys aren’t totally in love with the ocean water so we didn’t have to worry too much about them blazing into the waves.  They were so happy to wade and play in the sand!  And talk about beautiful weather….oh don’t get me started!



A jellyfish.


The boys had fun letting their pants get filled with water.


The happiest boy in the world!


Wyatt felt he needed to get to know this sand pile with his whole body!  He didn’t fall on it, he just looked at it and decided to flop down.  So funny!