Durham, NC


Rest stop!  The river was beautiful.


David’s home until he was 9.  He roamed these woods for hours on end.  It was fun for us all to see it, and for David to reminisce.  Ah, someday we’ll have some land! (hoping!)


Club Boulevard Elementary


West Pointe on the Eno.  Grandma Muhlestein recommended this and we loved it!  I had actually remembered to bring our binoculars on the trip so it was even more fun to see the turtles close up.  I counted 9 at one time on the log.  It was hilarious trying to point them out to Harry.  We really don’t know if he ever actually saw them, but he was enchanted with the binoculars anyway!


Where’s your belly??


Duke Gardens….ahhhh, heaven!  The weather was amazing and I should have been wearing shorts or a skirt!  It was really one of the most beautiful places I have been, there were so many trees with stark white blooms that were just gorgeous.  This is also where David received his call that he was offered the internship in Salt Lake for Leavitt Partners this summer.  Good day!  Duke was

a very peaceful and nice-looking campus.