Miniature Road Trips



Heading to Indy!


I thought downtown Indianapolis was really quite pretty.


Where the Colts play…I would love to see a Monday night NFL game here. 


We didn’t know that we’d see this on our way to the random restaurant we chose, so we were excited to get a glimpse!


Charlie Brown’s Pancake and Steak House.  Super yummy diner food!  I had the breaded pork tenderloin (supposedly an Indianapolis specialty).  It was definitely tasty.  We liked this place, it was very “mom and pop.”  Wyatt ate a ton of syrup.  Harry ate his entire cheese omlette!


This is why Wyatt wasn’t in the last picture – too distracted by the big excavator!  It looked like they were doing a lot of work on this land that is adjacent to the Speedway. 


Today we spent the morning in Cincinnati.  David had some scout training and we spent most of our time at IKEA!  We had a great eggs/bacon/potato and sweet roll breakfast.  I love that IKEA has yummy food (and I LOVE how kid friendly the whole place is!!). 



Lots of driving time….and still a happy boy!  So cute I can hardly stand it.


Yesterday Harry learned about food dye and so when we got home we had red breakfast burritos. 


After a crazy/fun/awesome couple of days it was nice to just sit down and get some snuggles!  I’m so happy when Wyatt sees me under a blanket and jumps right up with me.