Caving - 2007

Second adventure for Fan vs. Wild.  This really isn’t an epic adventure, but I do have some pictures to show from it.

You might have heard that Nutty Putty Cave is now closed after a spelunking accident last fall.  While that incident was a tragic accident, I did have several exciting trips through the cave.  The first trip happened in the Summer of 2001 right after I graduated from high school and I went with Patrick Carron, Travis Oman and Derek Ginos.  It was fun and very memorable.  We kind of got lost finding the entrance so we basically only had time to go to the bottom and come back up.


Then in 2004 I went back with some roommates on a Saturday night.  There was a traffic jam getting into and out of the cave so we spent about an hour on top waiting for other groups to come out before we finally got in and got to do some exploring.  I don’t have any pictures from that trip.

In 2007 my brother Joseph organized (with some friends) another trip.  By this point the cave had been semi-closed down with a lock on the entrance and nobody was allowed in without getting permission from a state spelunking cave that was in charge of the cave.  After getting the right number of trained medical providers (a nurse and an EMT) and getting hard hats, about ten of us including Megan took a trip into the cave.  This time we went in the middle of winter (January) and we had to climb up the snow-clad hill before we got in.  We also had more time to go through so I was able to go down the birth canal – a tunnel about sixty feet long (maybe longer, but it’s hard to judge length) that is only large enough for you to wiggle down – if you put your left arm ahead and your right arm behind you can king of push yourself forward but you can’t switch places because the tunnel isn’t big enough for your radius to fit sideways to switch places.  Needless to say, it’s not somewhere you should go if you are claustrophobic.  All in all, it was a great trip and very memorable.  Here are some pictures.

2007January6 214

This isn’t the birth canal – it’s actually a pretty big tunnel as Megan was willing to go in a little way and take my picture.

2007January6 221

2007January6 213

2007January6 218

This is just a picture of me laying on my back eating Cheez-Its.  Not that it has anything to do with caving, but here’s a Dr. Suess-style poem about Cheez-Its.

Ode to Cheez-Its

I will eat them in the dark and I will eat them in a park., 

I will eat them in a cave and I would eat them at a rave*,

I would eat them on a chair, I will eat them everywhere

I would eat them with a clam, because I like them Sam-I-Am.

*Note - not that I would go to a rave, but if I were there, I would fill my time eating Cheez-Its